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uTalk All 150+ Languages - 1 Year Access

Have you ever wanted to be able to speak some useful words and phrases while you are traveling? Well, uTalk can help you start speaking like a native within minutes. Using the uTalk learning app, you can listen to native speakers to help you navigate your next vacation or business trip. With over 150 languages for you to discover and 60 fun and engaging topics within each language, you can join over 30 million people who have used uTalk’s tried-and-trusted language learning method. You can learn any of our languages in your own language too, so whether you are a Spanish speaker who wants to learn Arabic, or a French speaker who wants to learn Urdu, we’ve got you covered. uTalk works on iOS, Android, PC, Mac and Web browser, and it’s really easy get started. Get access to all of uTalk’s languages for 1 year for a special Emirates price of only $50, usually $99 — a 50% saving.